Phoenix woman arrested for fatal neighborhood shooting

A Phoenix woman has been taken into custody for a fatal shooting. The incident happened two weeks ago in a west Phoenix neighborhood.

Based on court documents, 30-year-old Rebecca Paulina Rodriguez stands accused of shooting and killing Adrian Cantu Silva. The shot the 32-year-old man near his home located at 43rd Avenue and Camelback Road on May 23.

The alleged incident took place while Rodriguez, Silva, and Rodriguez’s friend, Rosa Mae Mendoza, were returning from an outing together.

The court documents disclose that Rodriguez and Silva were in a romantic relationship, despite Silva’s marital status. Rodriguez informed the police that the trio had been drinking at Silva’s house prior to visiting a swingers club. Police could verify their evening’s itinerary using mobile phone data using Rodriguez’s account. The same night, Rodriguez allegedly sold Silva the handgun that was later used in the fatal shooting.

Rodriguez shared with the officers that Silva had been experiencing domestic conflicts with his spouse. To offer him moral support, Rodriguez and Mendoza had spent the day with him. After their club visit, they drove Silva back home, coinciding with his wife’s departure.

Authorities managed to retrieve video and audio recordings of the incident from neighboring residences. The footage displayed a black SUV pulling up to Silva’s residence and the trio coming out of the vehicle. Shortly after a heated argument ensued, a gunshot was heard, followed by a woman’s voice exclaiming that someone had been shot. Immediately after, the two women reentered the SUV and drove off.

Rodriguez, during police questioning, described Silva as a close friend, attributing his fatal injury to a tragic mishap. As the investigation progressed, the police discovered a past incident at Silva’s house involving Rodriguez and another woman.

Subsequently, Rodriguez was apprehended on Monday and charged with one count of 2nd-degree murder, with her bail set at $1 million.