Poison specialist accused of killing his wife with lethal dose of medication

ROCHESTER, MN – A former poison specialist at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Dr. Connor Bowman, faces second-degree murder charges. He has been criminally charged in connection with the alleged poisoning of his wife, Betty Bowman, a 32-year-old pharmacist employed at the same renowned hospital.

The incident unfolded when Betty was admitted to Mayo Clinic’s St. Mary’s Hospital on August 16, suffering from severe gastrointestinal distress and dehydration, initially believed to be symptoms of food poisoning. Tragically, her condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to heart problems, fluid accumulation in her lungs, and partial colon removal, ultimately resulting in organ failure, and her death four days later.

Suspicion arose when Connor Bowman vehemently opposed an autopsy and sought immediate cremation for his wife, asserting her death as “natural.” He claimed she didn’t wish to be a cadaver and inquired about the timeline for toxicology analysis. In her obituary, he stated she suffered from the rare illness hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), although she had never been diagnosed with it.

An investigation revealed that Betty Bowman’s death was deemed suspicious by the Southeast Medical Examiner’s Office. Evidence emerged of marital difficulties, including infidelity, leading to a probable divorce. Notably, the couple maintained separate bank accounts due to Connor’s debts. Investigators also learned of his anticipation of a $500,000 life insurance payout.

Digital evidence uncovered disturbing searches on Connor’s laptop, including information about colchicine, a drug found in Betty’s system, despite her lack of a gout diagnosis. Suspicious queries related to concealing information from the police and obtaining sodium nitrate, a substance that restricts oxygen in the blood.

Connor’s search history indicated the calculation of the lethal dosage of colchicine based on his wife’s weight, further raising suspicions. Additionally, he accessed Betty’s e-health records and was part of her care team, granting him unrestricted access to her medical records without the need for credentials.

Connor Bowman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder after authorities ruled Betty’s death a homicide. He appeared in Olmsted County District Court, where he was held on $2 million bail. A receipt for a $450,000 bank deposit was discovered in his home.

Mayo Clinic released a statement acknowledging Connor’s recent arrest, noting that his training at the clinic had ended earlier that month. The couple had married in 2021 in Independence, Missouri, and Betty was remembered for her kindness and intelligence.