Police shoot woman to death in standoff during suicide call

In a tragic turn of events, a woman lost her life after pointing a gun at officers during a tense standoff in Converse, Texas. The incident unfolded on Tuesday afternoon when law enforcement responded to a distress call reporting a woman’s attempted suicide. Negotiations ensued, but ultimately, the situation escalated, leading to a fatal outcome.

According to the Converse Police Department (CPD), officers were dispatched to a residence on Autumn Run Lane in response to a report of a woman in distress. Upon arrival, they discovered the woman seated in the garage, armed with a firearm. It was confirmed that no one else was present inside the home at the time.

Over the course of approximately 40 minutes, four officers engaged in negotiations with the woman, urging her to relinquish the weapon. At one point, she complied and set the gun down momentarily. However, when officers attempted to use non-lethal methods to subdue her, they were unable to reach her in time. The woman picked up the gun once again and pointed it at the officers.

In response to the imminent threat, the officers discharged their weapons, resulting in the woman’s death. The CPD has not disclosed the number of shots fired or whether all four officers discharged their firearms. At this time, the identities of the woman and the officers involved have not been released. As per protocol, the officers will be placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.

To ensure an impartial inquiry, the Texas Rangers will be taking over the investigation into the shooting. It is worth noting that earlier on the same day, CPD officers received a separate call involving a similar situation. However, the negotiator successfully prevented harm in that case. The same negotiator was involved in both incidents.