Predator Arrested After 14-Year-Old Girl Was Found Under His Bed Wearing Nothing But A Sweater

Nikolas Boris Mariani, 21, of Royal Oak, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for coercing and enticing a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity and receiving child pornography.

A 14-year-old girl met Mariani through Snapchat and sent nude images of herself to a person named ‘Boris’, according to her mother, who provided the conversation to Roseville Police.

Police found the 14-year-old runaway hiding nearly naked under Mariani’s bed. She was wearing nothing but a sweatshirt.

Police interviewed the young girl during their investigation. The teen told them she had intercourse with Mariani in the basement of his home, after meeting him on Snapchat and having a sexual conversation that included nude photographs. However, Mariani denied that he ever had sex with the young girl.

Mariani told the girl he wanted to pick her up and have her stay at his house for the week, and they talked about sexual acts. The girl sent him nude photos.

Mariani’s sexual abuse of another victim came to light after her mother found disturbing messages on her phone. Mariani encouraged the victim to run away after she got on birth control, court documents said.

Prosecutors said Mariani preyed upon a third victim through Snapchat and forced her to perform oral sex on him three times. DNA from the victim’s ear linked Mariani to the uncharged offense.

Nikolas Boris Mariani pleaded guilty to receiving child pornography from underage girls and was described as no less dangerous than the rapist who hides in a dark alley assaulting strangers.

This offender serially exploited minors that he met online. His mother said he will “Do his time” and plead guilty to his crimes.

The government’s memorandum said that Mariani’s history of mental illness was not a mitigating factor.