Pregnant Suspect Shoots Woman to Death Inside of Their Uber

Natalia Harrell, a pregnant woman from Florida, has been charged with second-degree murder. She received these charges for fatally shooting Yvette Borcela, a mother of three, in an Uber last year. Regardles, she has argued in court to be released from jail.

In an unusual legal argument, Harrell’s attorneys filed a motion on behalf of her unborn child, stating that the baby should not be held in jail without being charged with a crime.

The motion argues that the fetus is receiving inadequate prenatal care and is being placed in an inherently dangerous environment by being in close proximity to violent criminal offenders. Harrell’s attorneys contend that the fetus should be released pending trial, which would also get Harrell out of jail.

New video footage that was released last week showed the moment Harrell fatally shot Borcela inside an Uber with five other people after a night of partying in Miami last July.

The video shows the two women arguing in the backseat of the Uber as the driver watched the chaos unfold.

According to Harrell’s attorney, his client shot Borcela because she lunged at her during an argument and she feared for the safety of her baby.

The Uber driver pulled the car over and everyone ran from the scene, except for Borcela. The woman was later declared dead at a local hospital.

This week, Miami-Dade Corrections officials are expected to respond to the filing. Meanwhile, Harrell’s motion has garnered attention due to the unusual argument of holding a fetus in jail without being charged with a crime.