Pregnant woman guilty of DUI crash that killed 3 people

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A Pennsylvania woman, notorious for her Twitter posts bragging about reckless driving, was handed a prison sentence spanning decades for a fatal DUI incident that killed two state troopers and a pedestrian. Jayana Webb, 23, who is expecting a child in two months, was sentenced to a stringent term of 27-and-a-half to 60 years.

Webb pleaded guilty to three counts of third-degree murder and homicide using a vehicle while she was driving under the influence. Upon her baby’s birth in February, Webb will remain free for a brief period to bond with the child before incarceration, according to her attorney Mike Walker.

Webb’s blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit during the incident, which occurred in the early hours of March 21, 2022. The fatal accident led to the deaths of Pennsylvania State Troopers Branden Sisca, 29, and Martin Mack, 33. Reyes Riviera Oliveras, 28, a pedestrian being escorted to safety by the troopers, was also killed in the mishap.

In previous court hearings, prosecutors presented evidence of Webb’s social media boasts about driving at nearly double the speed limit. Webb purportedly lost control of her vehicle while attempting to speed past the troopers’ parked SUV. Prosecutors contended that Webb’s decision to continue speeding, despite initially being pulled over, indicated malicious intent.

Webb, in the courtroom on Wednesday, expressed remorse for her actions and offered an apology to the victims’ families, according to her attorney. The tragic event claimed the lives of Trooper Sisca, who was barely a year into his job, and Trooper Mack, a Marine Corps veteran who left behind his wife and two young children. Both officers were fondly remembered by their loved ones for their dedication to their duty.