Ron DeSantis Stands up to Joe Biden

( – It’s a question nearly as old as the United States itself. Should each individual state maintain the most power over what happens there, or does the central government in Washington, DC have the power to dictate? Such a battle is brewing right now between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and President Joe Biden over how to handle the COVID-19 delta variant.

Concerning the return of face mask mandates and vaccines, President Biden told DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) “if you’re not going to help, at least get out of the way…” DeSantis fired back saying that if the president tried to interfere with in-person education by requiring all students to wear masks, or with people’s jobs with a “no vaccine/no job/no unemployment insurance” style requirement that he will in fact find the governor standing in his way and fighting for Floridians. He also told the president he doesn’t want to hear “blip” from him about the coronavirus until he gets the border under control.

Democrats continually say they “follow the science” when making policy decisions such as mandating face masks for all students, teachers, and staff regardless of vaccination status, but that doesn’t always seem to be the case. The Wall Street Journal ran an op/ed titled, “The Case Against Masks for Children,” highlighting a CDC report the week of July 31 which indicated hospitalizations for ages 5-17 were 0.5 per million. It also noted a study from North Carolina, which was conducted before vaccines were available: When 90,000 were in school, the number of verifiable student-to-teacher infections was very round: Zero.

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