Roommate stabbed to death inside mobile home

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A deadly altercation in a Scottsdale mobile home led to a 76-year-old man allegedly stabbing his longtime roommate, ultimately causing his death. The incident took place at the Riviera Mobile Home Park, located near McKellips and Hayden roads.

According to Scottsdale Police, the accused, Timothy Rexford Grant, and the victim, 69-year-old David Ricks, were both drinking on that fateful afternoon. They got into a dispute that escalated into violence. As a result of the altercation, Ricks suffered stab wounds in his upper chest and abdominal region around 4:30 p.m., leading to his eventual demise at a nearby hospital.

After the incident, a blood-covered Grant approached a neighbor, who subsequently dialed 911. On being questioned by the police, Grant initially recounted that the argument started after Ricks threatened him with a knife. He later claimed to have twisted the knife in self-defense onto Ricks, leading to a single stab in the latter’s stomach.

However, autopsy reports indicated that Ricks suffered multiple wounds and showed signs of having unsuccessfully grabbed the knife. Upon questioning, Grant’s account of the incident kept altering, transitioning from a wrestling match to kicking Ricks onto the ground. He eventually claimed to have blacked out, having no memory of the altercation.

Grant is now held in Maricopa County Jail, facing a manslaughter charge. The duo had reportedly been roommates for over a decade.