Serial Sperm Donor Sued Over Allegations of Incest Risk After Fathering 550 Children

Dutch musician Jonathan Jacob Meijer, 41, who has fathered around 550 children globally through sperm donations, is facing legal action for allegedly heightening the risk of accidental incest. Meijer donated sperm to at least 13 clinics, including 11 in the Netherlands where he was blacklisted in 2017 after fathering 102 children.

Dutch guidelines limit donors to fathering no more than 25 children or impregnating over 12 women in order to reduce the risk of inbreeding, incest, and potential psychological issues for children who discover they have numerous siblings.

Despite being blacklisted, Meijer has continued donating sperm abroad- including in Denmark and Ukraine. The Dutch DonorKind Foundation has initiated a civil lawsuit against Meijer, accusing him of dishonesty regarding the number of children he has fathered. DonorKind Chairman Ties van der Meer expressed frustration with the government’s inaction, stating that Meijer maintains a global reach through the internet and conducts business with major international sperm banks.

The lawsuit was filed by a Dutch woman, identified as Eva, who gave birth to one of Meijer’s children in 2018. Eva expressed regret about choosing Meijer as a donor, stating that she would never have made that decision had she known about his prolific history. Concerned about the potential consequences for her child, she believes that legal action is the only way to protect her offspring.

Mark de Hek, an attorney for DonorKind, explained that the lawsuit was initiated after several women unsuccessfully urged Meijer to stop donating sperm. He emphasized that legal action is the only remaining option to protect the children involved.

DonorKind intends to request the court to order Meijer to cease his sperm donations and to have all his stored sperm destroyed, except for any reserved for women who have already given birth to one of his children.

An Australian couple reportedly paid over $6,500 to Danish fertility clinic Cryos International for Meijer’s sperm, which he donated under the pseudonym Ruud. The couple chose him for his intelligence, creativity, and resemblance to the Australian mother’s partner. They later expressed anger and disappointment upon discovering the extent of Meijer’s donor activities, concerned about the implications for their child.

Although Meijer declined to comment on the case to Dutch newspaper AD and broadcaster NOS, he has previously expressed satisfaction at having his offspring spread across the globe.