Shooter faces charges for shooting neighbor in execution-style murder

A man faces allegations of brutally gunning down his neighbor in what appears to be a premeditated, execution-style murder.

Trevor McEuen, the accused, stands charged for the ruthless killing of Aaron Martinez, his neighbor, on May 1. Reports from the local Fox affiliate in Dallas suggest that McEuen planned the murder meticulously, even using a device on his gun to collect the spent bullet casings.

In a chilling account provided by state attorneys, McEuen is alleged to have shot Martinez multiple times in the back before delivering a fatal shot to his forehead.

Historical friction between the two men was cited as a possible precursor to the fatal confrontation, according to the victim’s father. Numerous 911 calls had previously been associated with McEuen and Martinez, a detail revealed in a subsequent search warrant.

In a bond hearing on Wednesday, it came to light that McEuen, who is currently held at Kaufman County Jail located southeast of Dallas, is also suspected of stealing some of Martinez’s belongings post the alleged murder. The hearing was aimed at lowering McEuen’s staggering $2 million bond, to secure his release from jail.

McEuen’s potential release sparked concerns, as it meant he could return to his home located just a stone’s throw away from Martinez’s mourning family.

The bond amount remained unchanged, following the judge’s verdict. The amount was a sum too hefty for McEuen’s family to post, as testified by his father who was present in court.

McEuen was apprehended after a standoff with a SWAT team following the murder.The severity of his charges may escalate to capital murder, making him potentially eligible for the death penalty under Texas law.