Shooting breaks out during high school basketball tournament

NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO – Several law enforcement bodies responded to an urgent call from North Kansas City High School on Saturday evening following an incident on campus.

These units incorporated local officers from the North Kansas City Police Department, as well as officials from the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

A communique from the North Kansas City School District to parents informed them of a shooting incident on the school premises. The incident reportedly happened on the east side of the building during a basketball match.

The school was set to host a game between the North Kansas City Hornets and the Staley Falcons as part of the Class 6 District 8 High School Basketball Tournament. Another debate tournament was slated to occur at the high school on Saturday evening.

According to district officials in a letter to parents, law enforcement was already on the scene performing security duties when the shooting occurred, and the officers were quick to respond. As a safety measure, everyone within the school was placed on lockdown while police ascertained the nature of the incident.

Officials stated that two to three possible victims have been identified and are currently receiving medical attention.

The North Kansas City Police disclosed to a local news channel that two individuals got injured from the shooting, which occurred at the end of the basketball clash. The exact location of the shooting, whether it was indoors or outdoors, remains uncertain at this point. News reporters on the scene noticed an extensive area of the school campus marked off as a crime scene.

At present, both victims are said to be critically injured, with one of them being confirmed as a minor.

Currently, there have been no arrests, and area police continue to scan the vicinity in an effort to garner more information regarding the events leading up to the shooting incident.