Stalker Ex-Boyfriend Shoots And Kills Innocent Woman

Local man sentenced to life in murder of ex-girlfriend – Magnolia Banner News

Jerry W. Pritchard, 31, of Magnolia, was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree murder, battery, stalking, and committing a terroristic act.

Pritchard was arrested on October 20, 2020, in connection with a shooting that occurred shortly before midnight on October 19, 2020. Saguanna Young was shot twice and Veronica Smith was shot once. Young’s boyfriend, James Williams, and his son were also at home during the incident.

Pritchard was arrested for stealing a hitchhiker’s handcuffs and car keys after he claimed to have picked her up at Young’s home and taken her to a convenience store. Pritchard had previously been accused of stealing Young’s clothes, leveling her tires, and breaking her car windows.

Police found five holes in the window in a sideways V pattern and five 9mm shell casings outside the window in the McNeil apartment after the shooting. The suspect, James Pritchard, admitted he had been to the apartment earlier in the evening to return some personal belongings.

Pritchard told Blair he had lied in the first interview and that he had picked up a man who had a gun and said he was going to get Williams’ car. The man shot at Pritchard and took his car keys and fled, but not before throwing the gun into the car.

Regina Harris, Young’s mother, told police she heard Pritchard tell Young that if he couldn’t “have” her, “nobody will”.

Pritchard was originally charged with capital murder in the death of Saquanna Young, but changed his plea to first-degree murder and entered guilty pleas to battery first degree and terroristic act. He received 20 years in prison on both counts and 10 years on stalking.

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