Strip mall stabbing leaves 9 people injured

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – A wave of stabbings occurred early Monday morning in a strip mall in the northwest region of Indianapolis, resulting in at least nine individuals being injured. Police have taken two persons of interest into custody in connection with the attack.

According to reports released by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, three of the victims were transported to regional hospitals in critical condition, while two others were in stable condition. Another four individuals were treated at the incident site and subsequently released. The police were alerted to a commotion around 3:40 a.m. at a location that matches that of a strip mall and a restaurant named Miami’s Garden.

Upon reaching the scene, the officers found multiple individuals in a parking lot, seemingly affected by some form of unrest. At least seven of these individuals had injuries indicative of stab wounds or similar trauma.

An injured person, deemed a person of interest in the case, was among those rushed to the hospital. The police believe a conflict ensued between two groups within the parking lot, and some witnesses attempted to intervene and assist the injured victims.

As investigations are ongoing, officers continue to monitor camera footage from surrounding businesses for any evidence tied to the incident.