Student slashed in the throat at school

SAN ANTONIO, TX – In an unsettling event, a student from IDEA Carver Academy was reportedly stabbed by a fellow classmate Friday morning, according to San Antonio police. The incident occurred around 9:00 a.m., within the premises of the school situated on Robinson Place.

The police narrate the sequence of the incident, stating a male juvenile student abruptly left his desk, approached another male peer, and slashed at his throat with a sharp object.

In light of the swift action by the teacher, the unconventional classroom attack was brought to an immediate halt. The victim was then promptly transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. He is currently suffering from non-life-threatening injuries, as informed by the authorities.

Soon after the incident, the offending student was taken into custody by the police. No additional casualties were reported from the incident. Meanwhile, an investigation linked to the concerning event is currently underway by the police.

In accordance with the safety protocol, the parents of the students were informed about the incident. The law enforcement authorities also placed the school on a HOLD alert which was subsequently lifted.

In response to the incident, IDEA Public Schools issued a statement underscoring their commitment to student safety and their topmost priority. In addition, they confirmed a student was purportedly harmed by another and ensured immediate action by contacting Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and law enforcement agencies for support. The school also stated its full cooperation with the ongoing police investigation.

As of now, no further information related to the incident has been released to the public.