Surprising Benefit to Virtual Classrooms

( – Schools across the country are struggling to decide the best course of action this fall. Do they offer in-person sessions, virtual instruction, or a combination of both? As administrators work through those issues, one teacher brought up a concern for parents that they may not have ever considered. What are educators teaching their children, and does it line up with their own morals and values?

In Philadelphia, one teacher appears to be concerned about Conservative parents listening in to his instruction time at home. Posting on Twitter, his statements were highly controversial and offensive to parents who care about their kids’ education.

Matthew Kay is an English teacher at the Science Leadership Academy. His chief concern was how Conservative parents would respond to his instruction regarding race, gender, and sexuality. Apparently, Kay believes it’s okay for him to teach his views without parental knowledge or involvement in their child’s education when it comes to sensitive subjects.

Other teachers chimed in on the thread. One teacher called parents, “outsiders.” Many people expressed concern that teachers were trying to brainwash kids privately. Others wanted to know why he seemed more interested in teaching his morals and values than in teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science.

Since public schools are funded with tax dollars, how would teachers like Kay feel if there were cameras in the classroom for parents to see what they’re paying for? Would it be a bad thing if parents had that capability?

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