SWAT Busts State Patrol Worker for Disturbing Allegations

(ConservativeStar.com) – A Washington State Patrol employee was arrested by the Seattle Police Department (SPD) in one of their sting operations and is being held under $150,000 bail. Trevor J. Smith’s job was to inspect school buses as a commercial vehicle enforcement officer — a particularly chilling employment opportunity considering the crime which he stands accused of.

The SPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children task force, in conjunction with a SWAT team, arrested him for “attempted child rape.” Fortunately, The Seattle Times reported children were never present when he performed his duties with the Patrol.

Prior to the arrest, Smith believed he was communicating with the mother of two daughters (ages 6 and 11) who was apparently willing to allow him to molest them — but she was an undercover police officer. After taking her to dinner, he agreed to meet her at a hotel room and stopped to buy condoms beforehand, which is considered a “substantial step” in the commission of the crime. It’s important to note that under American law, there’s a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. This is not yet the case for Mr. Smith, as for now, he’s simply been arrested.

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