Teen girl killed by lightning during father-daughter hunting trip

PUTNAM COUNTY, FL – A tragic incident unfolded in Putnam County, Florida, when a 16-year-old girl, Baylee Holbrook, was fatally struck by lightning during a hunting trip with her father, Matthew. The father-daughter duo was hunting near a tree when a sudden lightning bolt hit the tree, rendering both unconscious.

Upon regaining consciousness, Matthew found his daughter unresponsive and immediately began performing CPR. Paramedics soon arrived and transported Baylee to a trauma center. However, despite the intervention of medical professionals, Baylee succumbed to her injuries on Thursday morning.

The Trinity Baptists Church, where the Holbrook family are members, released a statement confirming Baylee’s passing and expressing their condolences. The statement read, “At 9:32 this morning, Baylee Holbrook entered into the arms of Jesus.” The church also acknowledged the family’s gratitude for the outpouring of love and support they have received.

Baylee, a student at Palatka High School, was known for her love of hunting, a passion she shared with her father. Her social media accounts were filled with images of successful hunts, including alligator, deer, turkey, and boar. She was particularly fond of turkey hunting season, often expressing her excitement and joy for the sport.

A close family friend and pastor, Willie McKinnon, confirmed Baylee’s love for hunting, stating that she enjoyed hunting various animals and spending time in the woods. Baylee’s love for the outdoors extended beyond hunting, as she also enjoyed golfing, photography, and boating.

The news of Baylee’s passing came shortly after a prayer vigil was held at her high school, where hundreds of classmates and community members gathered to pray for her recovery. Friends remembered Baylee as a caring individual who often shared Bible verses with them, offering comfort and support.