Teen shoots two victims to death at his home

FRIENDSWOOD, TX – A 17-year-old teenager from Texas, identified as Connor Hilton, has been charged with murder in connection with a shooting at his home in Friendswood. His alleged victims are Ethan Riley, 18, who died from his injuries, and Benjamin Bliek, 19, who remains in critical condition.

Court documents reveal that at the time of the shooting, Hilton was displaying a revolver to his guests. After two gunshots were heard, a third present individual called 911 while hiding in a bathroom. Responding officers discovered Hilton outside the property, showing visible distress. Upon entering the house, police found the two victims and a revolver.

After being brought in for questioning, Hilton allegedly confessed to opening fire, dismissing any occurrence of an altercation or disagreement that evening.

According to the court documents, Hilton told police officers that he had been contemplating committing homicide for a significant amount of time and convinced his mother to buy him a handgun for that purpose, or potentially for him to harm himself. His attorney, however, denies that his mother purchased the weapon for him.

Previously held on two counts of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, Hilton was released after posting a $1 million bond, only to be re-arrested for murder. He is currently in the custody of Galveston County Jail without bail.