Texas Inmate to be Executed for Fatally Stabbing Wife and Drowning Her 6-Year-Old Daughter

Gary Green, a Texas inmate, is scheduled to be executed Tuesday evening for the 2009 murders of his estranged wife, Lovetta Armstead, and her six-year-old daughter, Jazzmen Montgomery.

Green fatally stabbed Armstead over two dozen times while drowning her daughter in the bathtub at their Dallas home. Green, who claimed that Armstead was involved in a plot against him, also intended to kill Armstead’s two other children but was convinced otherwise by her nine-year-old son.

His attorneys have previously argued that Green is intellectually disabled and has a history of mental illness. However, their appeals were rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court and lower appeals courts.

A hearing at the state penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas, was scheduled for Tuesday morning. However, Green’s attorneys had not filed any appeals.

Jazzmen Armstead’s father, Ray Montgomery, stated that he sees Green’s execution as the justice system at work as a result of his crimes against the innocent young girl.

Montgomery still has a close relationship with Lovetta Armstead’s two sons and has participated in domestic violence seminars in recent years to help other people recognize the signs of domestic violence.