Texas School Superintendent Resigns After Student Finds His Gun in Bathroom

The superintendent of the Rising Star Independent School District in Texas has resigned after a third-grade student found his unattended gun in a school bathroom. Robby Stuteville, who had been the district boss, stepped down from his position a month after the weapon was discovered, according to KTAB/KRBC.

A student found his firearm in the bathroom in January and immediately notified a teacher. Stuteville told local news outlets that he and the school principal both openly carried guns on campus. He removed his gun while using the school restroom, leaving it unattended for about 15 minutes, until the third-grader came acroos the weapon.

The teacher sent another student into the bathroom to confirm that the gun was real when the student informed her of it. Giovanni Mata, the father of the child who went into the bathroom, questioned the teacher’s decision to send a child rather than an adult.

Recently, Mata relocated from Uvalde, Texas- the site of a deadly school shooting that killed 19 students and two teachers. After learning about the incident, he said that the student’s discovery of the gun hits too close to home for him.

Stuteville was “proud” of the third-grader who raised the alarm about the gun in the bathroom. He later resigned from his position following the incident, which was kept secret for a month from parents. A police investigation has been launched into the incident by the Rising Star Police Department.