Trump Odds of Winning Are DOUBLE 2016 Predictions (REPORT)

( – Human beings are unpredictable in many ways, but one thing that doesn’t change is our desire to win money and place bets. Professional bookmakers will determine the odds for just about anything happening, up to and including the apocalypse — though collecting on it might be problematic — so of course, the presidential election is included.

One estimate says they expect roughly $1 billion to be wagered on this year’s challenge with President Donald Trump’s chances of winning a second term are about double the expectations from his 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton. As the race nears the finish line, bettors over the final weekend put their money on him at a 2:1 margin.

There’s one thing that no bookie would take a bet about and that would be about the mood in America on Wednesday, November 4. Regardless of who’s declared the winner, supporters of the other candidate will be upset and will almost assuredly accuse the other side of rigging the outcome — you can bet on it.

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