Two dead bodies found inside Texas home, suspect arrested for double-homicide

Lewisville police have arrested a man in connection to a double murder that occurred in the city. The arrest took place on Wednesday morning following the discovery of two bodies at a residence on Ramblewood Drive. The suspect was apprehended without incident and is now facing charges of Capital Murder. At this time, the Lewisville Police Department has chosen not to release the suspect’s name.

According to authorities, the bodies of a man and a woman were found on Monday, August 14th, by a relative who had gone to the home for a welfare check. The relative became concerned after being unable to reach the victims for several days. The police determined that the deceased had been in the house for several days, and they were found in separate rooms.

Neighbors in the area reported a distinct smell emanating from the home once the garage door was opened. They also mentioned that there had been no signs of activity at the residence for the past five days. Crime scene tape was seen around a nearby Lewisville home on Tuesday afternoon as detectives searched for a suspect believed to be responsible for the double murder.

One neighbor, Danny Talbert, recalled seeing two women enter the house while he was on the phone. He noted that they never came out, and later that evening, the police knocked on his door. Talbert also noted the strong odor that filled the air when the house’s garage door was opened, stating that it was noticeable even from a distance.

The Lewisville Police Department has not disclosed the relationship between the two victims, only confirming that they resided in the home. Detectives are currently following up on several leads, but they believe that the double homicide was an isolated incident and that there is no immediate threat to the community. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner is still working to determine the cause of death.