Two elementary school teachers found dead inside their home

RICHMOND, TX – Two elementary school teachers employed by Lamar Consolidated ISD were found dead in their Fort Bend home, stirring distress in their quiet community. Marina Alba Garcia and Gene Hudgson, both 34, were identified as the couple involved in what authorities have declared as a murder-suicide.

In his interaction with the media, Qasam Zaman, a local resident, observed that the two victims were quiet and seldom seen outside. He expressed sorrow over the incident and offered condolences to the families affected. On Monday, the local police ramped up their presence around the couple’s residence in Richmond, leaving the neighborhood speculating before the revelation came from the Fort Bend authorities later that day.

Reflecting on the situation, Catherine Osuagwu, another neighbor, suggested that the gravity of incident was only clear when she saw the fleet of police cars. While Chris Martinez, yet another nearby resident, articulated his heartbreak over the loss of the young couple who were both in the teaching profession, shaping young minds in the second and third grade.

Hudgson was singled out from the couple as the potential suspect. This incident has rattled the small community, prompting a call to action for locals to maintain stronger ties and routinely check in on each other.

Garcia’s father declined to comment as he grapples with the distress of the situation, with interactions with investigators and school principals. He indicated that he is not prepared to engage with the media at this time.