Two teens shot while running away from gunfire

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Philadelphia law enforcement authorities are conducting an investigation into a shooting incident that wounded two teenagers in the West Kensington region on Saturday. The shooting event transpired at around 12:30 a.m. on North Fairhill Street’s 2100 block.

On responding to the scene, police found a 16-year-old boy with multiple gunshot injuries. He was promptly moved to Temple University Hospital and is said to be in stable condition. Subsequently, another 18-year-old male with gunshot injuries arrived at the same hospital, having been shot in the same vicinity as the first teen. This victim, too, is reportedly stable.

Local police authorities confirmed that both victims were attending a party nearby when they heard gunfire. In their attempt to escape, they ended up getting shot. As part of the investigation, police found a total of 30 shell cases at the location and on a nearby street.

A local TV team discovered a house with a bullet-hit window, which residents alleged was rented out through Airbnb. Meanwhile, many locals admitted to hearing numerous gunshots, initially mistaking them for fireworks. A resident, Daniel Rembert, expressed his surprise over the incident, citing North Fairhill Street as usually peaceful.

Law enforcement authorities have suspects in focus, identified as two thin males clad in black, last seen fleeing the scene. Currently, no arrests have been made, nor have weapons been found.