Two-year-old girl dies after accidentally shooting herself

HAMPTON, VA – A 2-year-old girl in Hampton, Virginia, died after accidentally shooting herself, according to police. The shooting took place around 1 p.m. Tuesday on the 500 block of Marcella Road at the Bridgewater at Town Center apartments.

Police received a distress call concerning the shooting and upon arriving at the scene, found the toddler with a single gunshot wound. The young victim was quickly transported to a nearby hospital so that she could receive treatment. However, she succumbed to her injuries while she was at the hospital and passed away.

The police’s preliminary investigations suggest the tragic incident was accidental, as the toddler discovered a loaded firearm in the residence and subsequently shot herself.

A neighbor, Aiesha Curry, mentioned hearing a popping sound followed by police and fire truck arrivals. Upon checking her Ring App due to the commotion, Curry became aware of the tragic incident and saw a child being taken out.

The incident has caused alarm in the neighborhood, with several neighbors calling for responsible gun ownership to prevent such tragedies. Aiesha Curry appealed to firearm owners to store their weapons in lockboxes to prevent access by children. The investigation by the Major Crimes Unit is ongoing, with no word from the police on any pending charges in connection to the fatal incident.