Two dead bodies discovered inside man-made cave

NORTHRIDGE, CA – The Los Angeles Fire Department revealed in a news update on Sunday that two individuals were found deceased inside a man-made cave in Northridge, along with a white powdery substance. The scene is approximately 25 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.

Firefighters discovered the two bodies and the unidentified white powder in the makeshift cave around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. The fire department subsequently disclosed that hazardous material experts had taken readings from the area and determined them to be normal. They added that the white powder had been blown away by the wind. While no specific details about the white substance have been revealed, the department confirmed that there was no threat to the public.

The bodies were retrieved with assistance from crews from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, one of which was recognized as that of Benjamin Felix Varela, a 57-year-old homeless man. The identity of the second individual hasn’t yet been determined.

At this stage, it’s unclear how the bodies ended up in the cave.

A representative from the fire department explained on Monday that the department had been requested to assist with the removal of the bodies due to the unique nature of the location. It seems someone had dug a hole into a small hill, inside which the two bodies were found.

The fire department stated that any further investigation would be carried over to other responsible agencies, such as the Los Angeles Police Department. As of yet, no updates or statements have been issued by the LAPD about the incident.