University Tells Thousands of Students They Had Scholarships — They Didn’t

( – Many students across America spend their four-year high school experience trying to achieve the best grades possible along with top scores on the SAT and ACT admission tests. So it’s not difficult to imagine the joy that they and their parents would feel when receiving a notification that they’d won a prestigious scholarship award to the college of their choice. More than 5,500 kids accepted at two Michigan schools felt that and then received the crushing follow-up where the schools told them, in effect, “oops, our bad.”

Oakland University in Rochester Hills claims “human error” was to blame for almost all those crushed dreams when their system sent a notification to some recent enrollees that they were to receive the Platinum Presidential Scholar Award. According to the University website, this is the highest scholarship, giving $12,000 per year towards tuition.

Just days before that happened, Central Michigan University (CMU) in Mount Pleasant had a similar occurrence. It was somewhat less of a mistake since it only affected 58 students, but their highs and lows were probably more exaggerated because they thought they had a full-ride scholarship.

What do you think the schools should do to make this right for those affected? Or, do they need to do anything since they were just mistakes?

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