Update in Andrew Cuomo Scandal As Subpoenas Move Forward

(ConservativeStar.com) – The “investigation” of Governor Andrew Cuomo by the New York State Assembly in Albany and the state Attorney General’s (AG) office have been moving at a pace which one could describe as equal to a snail’s — if one were inclined to seriously overestimate the speed at which the politicians are moving. But it seems that finally, at long last, the legislative body is preparing to issue subpoenas in their quest for information.

Two scandals involving the governor led to calls for his resignation, and when he refused, those calls turned to impeachment. The first involves several women who have come forward accusing Cuomo of inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature, and the other is his order that forced nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients known to be contagious. Cuomo’s decision allegedly caused the unnecessary death toll in the facilities to rise into the thousands.

The New York Post editorial board published an article saying they believe the Assembly has intentionally stalled to protect the governor, claiming that the inquiry is “a flagrant farce.” And while the AG’s office moved with lightning speed to bring criminal charges against former president Donald Trump’s organization, any move against Cuomo by his buddy AG Leticia James has been nonexistent. Then again, a healthy dose of hypocrisy is nothing new among the politicians in New York.

No expected date for filing the subpoenas has been announced.

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