Walmart worker stabbed to death during shift

ROCKFORD, IL – An 18-year-old Walmart employee was fatally stabbed in a violent assault on Sunday night at a store in Rockford, Illinois, leading to a 28-year-old man being detained under charges of first-degree murder. The victim’s identity had not been made public by early Monday.

The deadly incident took place slightly after 6 p.m. in the Walmart outlet located about 17 miles south of the Wisconsin state line. Upon responding to the situation, officers from the Rockford Police Department discovered the employee critically injured with a stab wound. Reports confirm that the victim was on duty when attacked inside the store.

Despite being rushed to the hospital by emergency responders, the victim did not survive.

Following this tragedy, Walmart issued a statement on Monday expressing deep sorrow for their associate’s death due to the inexcusable violent assault. The company expressed gratitude to law enforcement for striking swiftly to apprehend the alleged attacker, Timothy Delanostorm Carter, a resident of Rockford. The company pledged its full support in assisting law enforcement in the investigation.

In the press release issued after the death, it was mentioned that the Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office went over the case’s details and slapped Carter with a first-degree murder charge, with additional charges potentially to follow.

The motive behind the attack was unclear, as was any possible connection between the victim and Carter.

As of Monday morning, Carter was held in jail without bond, and his arraignment was slated for Monday afternoon. Online records indicated no attorney of record on Carter’s behalf immediately.

Rockford police are open to information related to this case from anyone who can help in the ongoing investigation.