Woman arrested for trying to kidnap child at Walmart

A woman has been arrested at a Walmart in Sand Springs, accused of attempting to kidnap someone else’s child. The incident left witnesses in shock as they recounted the terrifying ordeal. Sand Springs Deputy Police Chief Todd Enzbrenner provided details of the incident, explaining how the suspect confronted a man shopping with his daughter.

The situation escalated when the suspect demanded to see the man’s identification. According to the arrest and booking report, Brooks claimed to be working for the government and questioned the man’s relationship with the child. She asked him, “Is this even your daughter?” and turned to the child, asking, “Is this your dad?” Eventually, the man relented and showed her his ID.

After examining the ID, she claimed that he was not the child’s father and fled with his identification. The suspect, Natasha Brooks, was soon taken into custody for her violent outburst. After she was apprehended, continued to assert that she was working for the government and was involved in rescuing previously abducted children. Police discovered several knives in her possession, and she allegedly threatened to slit the man’s throat during the ordeal.

Stevie Longoria, who was present at the scene, described hearing screams and threats. Longoria recalled hearing the suspect scream “I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them” while in the school supply section of the Walmart store.

Natasha Brooks remains in custody, with a bond set at $75,000. She faces charges of attempted kidnapping and robbery by force or fear. The incident at Walmart has left witnesses and the community shaken, emphasizing the importance of vigilance when it comes to child safety.