Woman beats her mom to death with frying pan

BRONX, NY – A woman from the Bronx, aged 26, is alleged to have beaten her mother fatally with a cooking pan after a recent release from a mental health institution. Skydajah Patterson purportedly confessed to the crime through a chilling 911 call, according to sources and family members.

Selma Mclean, the 46-year-old victim, was reportedly attacked on Monday at 3:40 a.m. in the President Adams Houses, Bronx apartment they shared, as reported by law enforcement and unspecified sources.

Responding to Patterson’s 911 call where she stated, “I just killed my mom,” authorities found Mclean in an unresponsive and unconscious state, bearing marks of trauma to her face and head.

Upon officers’ arrival at the scene, Patterson was allegedly still in possession of the murder weapon, a blood-covered cooking pot.

Eyewitnesses claim that she admitted to knocking her mother unconscious by striking the back of her head with the pot.

McLean was declared dead at the scene. Her daughter Patterson was taken into custody, although no charges were reported by the afternoon of the incident.

Danaeyah Reynolds, Mclean’s 26-year-old goddaughter, stated that her godmother had expressed fear of Skydajah through text messages shortly before the fatal attack. According to Reynolds, Skydajah had been hearing voices and speaking in a male voice on the night of the murder.

In addition to a downward spiral in Patterson’s well-being following her son’s death in August, Reynold recalls a previous instance last month when Patterson allegedly assaulted her mother with a knife. Patterson’s mental condition had been deteriorating, and she had previously reported herself to the authorities following that attack and was recently discharged from a psychiatric ward.

Family reports indicate Mclean had three daughters, two of whom, including Patterson, lived with her. Another daughter arrived at their apartment visibly distressed after the incident.

A longtime neighbor, Rosa Medina, characterized the family as “very quiet,” expressing her grief over the tragic incident.