Abusive ex-boyfriend charged with woman’s murder

Adam Fravel, former partner to Madeline Kingsbury and father to their two children, found himself facing second-degree murder charges last Friday.

This came following the discovery of Kingsbury’s remains in a secluded woodland area of Fillmore County, bringing a tragic end to her mysterious disappearance that had begun in late March.

Fravel, currently in custody and on a million-dollar bail, denied his involvement in the tragic incident. However, emerging evidence and allegations of prior physical abuse make the 29-year-old man’s claims appear suspect.

Adding a bizarre element to the case, Fravel confessed to an odd fascination with the infamous 2021 Gabby Petito murder case.

Kingsbury, a 26-year-old mother of two, was in the middle of separating from Fravel, even commencing a relationship with another man. Court documents reveal a history of alleged abuse, a fact that paints a dark backdrop to the unfolding tragedy.

Prosecutor Phillip Prokopowicz highlighted Fravel’s nonchalant attitude towards law enforcement during the investigation. This only added fuel to the prosecutors’ desire for justice.

The victim’s children, aged two and five, are presently in the care of their grandfather. Meanwhile, Fravel is due for his next court appearance on July 20.

Investigators found Kingsbury’s remains in a culvert near a gravel road, adjacent to State Highway 43, and a property frequented by Fravel’s family. Notably, the body was not on the property owned by Fravel’s relatives. The remains were wrapped in a fitted bed sheet, suspected to match those from the former couple’s home. A knotted towel was found around her neck and head, leading the medical examiner to deem her death as resulting from “homicidal violence.”

Adding to the intrigue are testimonies from Kingsbury’s friends alleging past instances of abuse by Fravel, some reportedly witnessed during video calls. Furthermore, authorities uncovered unsettling text messages from Kingsbury to Fravel, highlighting their tumultuous relationship.

Fravel’s statement to authorities, claiming their mutual decision to separate and Kingsbury’s newfound romantic interest, only adds more layers to this tangled narrative. He even confessed to making a distasteful joke comparing Kingsbury’s fate to Gabby Petito’s, which now rings eerily prophetic.

In an unsettling turn, surveillance footage revealed suspicious activities involving the couple’s vehicles, their license plates, and Fravel’s movements on the day of Kingsbury’s disappearance.