Body of strangled woman found in bag on the side of the road

OLD MILL CREEK, IL – Investigators are now closer to solving the grim murder mystery that unfolded along a roadside in the northern suburbs of Illinois, thanks to the identification of the victim. The body of the murder victim was found encased in a bag at Old Mill Creek on Wednesday. At 7 a.m., the Lake County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to a possible corpse located on the side of the road at Hunt Club Road, just south of Route 173.

The woman whose body was discovered inside a bag was Megan Lewis, a 39-year-old from Chicago, as disclosed by the Lake County Coroner. The cause of death was found to be consistent with strangulation.

An important lead in the investigation comes from Janet Whitmore, who was heading to work in the early morning hours. She noticed a peculiar object by the side of the road but only realized it was a body when multiple 911 calls were made later in the daylight. Stunned by the discovery, Whitmore hopes her account might help narrow down the timeline of the incident, possibly leading to surveillance evidence from the area.

Detectives’ initial observations revealed some trauma to the victim’s face, substantiating foul play. Despite such findings, it is still unclear how she was killed and when exactly the body was discarded. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office aims to identify and hold the offender accountable.

Old Mill Creek residents, Jim and Karen Belli, live about half a mile from the chilling discovery site. They shared that these criminal occurrences are rare in their generally peaceful neighborhood. While the investigation continues, officials have assured residents that there is no existing threat to the public.