Boy, 6, accidentally shoots baby brother in the face while playing with gun

A tragic incident unfolded in Detroit when a six-year-old child unintentionally shot their infant brother. The baby was seated in a bouncy chair at the time, according to authorities.

This tragedy took place on a Wednesday evening when the children were at their Tennessee Street home. During the time of the accidental shooting, their father and uncle were in the backyard and their mother was nearby.

The older sibling had been handling a firearm that had not been securely stored. While doing so, the young boy accidentally discharged the gun. This resulted in the infant suffering a gunshot wound to the cheek and another to the shoulder.

Following the incident, the baby was reportedly in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Assistant Chief Charles Fitzgerald of the Detroit Police Department expressed his distress over the incident, emphasizing the importance of properly securing guns.