Boy found dead after going missing on hunting trip with grandpa

POINT PLEASANT, WV- In West Virginia, a 10-year-old boy who disappeared while on a hunting trip with his grandfather was found dead. Wyatt Eaves-Nibert was reported missing on Saturday morning, sparking a widespread search by the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

The initial call to authorities was related to an ATV accident involving the boy’s grandfather, which occurred after Wyatt had gone missing. The young boy, who was armed with a .22 caliber rifle and dressed in camouflage gear, had been hunting squirrels with his grandfather at the time of his disappearance.

Wyatt’s mother, Adrienne Nibert, shared with local media that her son and his grandfather were having lunch when Wyatt decided to go look for squirrels. When the grandfather finished his meal and called for Wyatt, there was no response. Despite Wyatt’s extensive training in gun safety, the search for him ended tragically.

Adrienne Nibert emphasized her son’s knowledge of gun safety, stating that Wyatt knew not to walk around with the safety off and always carried the gun on his back with the muzzle pointed upwards. He was also well-versed in trigger discipline.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office announced on Sunday that Wyatt had been located. While expressing gratitude for the volunteer help during the search, they also stated that the case was still under investigation. No further volunteers were needed at that time.

The circumstances surrounding Wyatt’s death remain unclear. Local reports suggest that he was found with a gunshot wound on Sunday morning, but authorities have not confirmed whether foul play is suspected.

Wyatt, a fifth-grader, was remembered in his obituary as a boy who loved hunting, fishing, wrestling, heavy metal music, and anything related to the military.