Boyfriend runs over his girlfriend with car, killing her

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Anthony Cooper, a 31-year-old New Orleans man, is facing second-degree murder charges for allegedly running over his girlfriend Anastasia Rayborn with his vehicle. This tragedy unfolded on a New Orleans sidewalk, and according to authorities, Rayborn was sent crashing through a wall, resulting in her death.

Reports, including those from court documents reported by, indicate that the couple was involved in a heated argument moments before the incident. Rayborn, 21, had reportedly exited Cooper’s Ford Edge SUV and hurled a derogatory term at him. Cooper is accused of responding by accelerating his vehicle at a high speed, striking Rayborn, and causing her to crash through the wall of a nearby house.

Family members told reporters that Cooper and Rayborn, who share a 2-year-old child, had been in a relationship marked by frequent strife. Rayborn’s sister, Skye Guillory, revealed that the couple started dating when Rayborn was just 17 and Cooper was 27 and that the relationship had been a source of concern.

Guillory further told the local station that Cooper had bought a car for Rayborn but never allowed her to drive it. That same car was used in the fatal incident. Guillory also shared that she had even established a “safe word” for her sister to use due to concerns about the toxic relationship.

Initial investigations treated the incident as a car accident, but it was later reclassified as a homicide. Following the tragic event, Cooper was arrested at the incident spot by the New Orleans police.