Father kills his teen son at office building in tragic murder-suicide

In an unsettling event that unfolded in Salt Lake City, a father and his teenage son were found dead in an office building, which authorities are now terming as a murder-suicide.

A tip from a local resident led law enforcement to the scene on Saturday. The individual had discovered a body inside an office complex at 2936 South Highland Drive, prompting a swift response from the police. Upon arrival, the officers found not one, but two deceased individuals within the building.

The deceased were later identified as 49-year-old Parth Gandhi and his unnamed 16-year-old son. According to the police, the evidence indicates that Gandhi took the life of his son in the complex before ending his own life.

Gandhi, a practicing neuropsychologist, maintained an office within the complex. Following the gruesome discovery, a welfare check was carried out at Gandhi’s residence near Sunnyside Park. However, law enforcement officials have not released any details about the findings of this welfare check.

In the wake of this tragedy, the Salt Lake School District has been actively collaborating with school resource officers to offer support and resources to the community and students who might be affected by the incident.