Five teens shot during senior skip day celebration

GREENBELT, MD – On Friday, a mass gathering of around 500 to 600 Maryland high school students was mid-way through celebrating senior skip day. Their party took a chaotic turn when multiple gunshots broke through the cheerful atmosphere, as confirmed by the Greenbelt Police Department.

As per Greenbelt Police Chief Richard Bowers, law enforcement officers from various agencies were in the midst of controlling the colossal crowd at Schrom Hills Park when they encountered the series of shots. In the ensuing disaster, five male victims, spanning ages 16 to 18, sustained gunshot wounds. Upon their discovery, all of them were rushed to regional hospitals for immediate care.

As reported by the Greenbelt Police on Saturday, three victims had been discharged from the hospital, while the prognosis of the one critical victim had improved to stable condition.

Post-incident, the suspected shooter was presumed to have fled the site amid the crowd upending in the wake of the fatal shots. However, police have yet to locate him. Bowers believes there was only a single shooter involved in this “horrible, tragic, senseless act.”

The horde of students had initially arranged a meet-up in Bowie, Maryland, to honor senior skip day. As stated by a Greenbelt Police spokesperson, their gathering there ended swiftly under local law enforcement’s orders to scatter. Subsequently, a broad spectrum of them relocated to Schrom Hills Park, engrossing in a light-hearted water gun fight prior to the gunshots.

Greenbelt Mayor, Emmett Jordan, has identified the gathering as the product of informal organization via social media. Furthermore, the gmroup comprised students of several local high schools, as disclosed by the chief.

The investigation ensuing the shooting is still in progress, while the motive remains unidentified. As the case proceeds, Bowers and his team encourage anyone in possession of footage from the incident to come forward, pledging to scrutinize body-cam evidence as well.