Food processing plant explodes, multiple people injured

DECATUR, IL- An explosion at a food processing plant resulted in multiple injuries on Sunday evening. The blast occurred at approximately 7:15 p.m. within the premises of ADM’s East Plant, causing substantial damage and triggering a significant fire according to a statement from the company.

The city of Decatur, home to around 70,000 residents, witnessed heavy smoke emanating from the plant as local fire departments worked tirelessly to control the blaze. Several employees were transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention, although the exact number of casualties and their current health status remain undisclosed.

Residents living in the vicinity of the plant reported feeling their homes shake due to the force of the explosion. Despite the severity of the incident, the Decatur Fire Department confirmed that no evacuation orders were issued for private residences in the area.

The plant itself was promptly evacuated, and multiple agencies are currently monitoring the situation. Further details are expected to be released as the investigation into the incident progresses.

Representative Nikki Budzinski (R-IL) expressed her concern over the incident, stating that she and her team are in constant communication with local officials and are closely observing the situation at ADM.

This incident marks the third fire at the ADM plant this year, raising concerns about safety standards at the facility. Less than three months ago, firefighters battled a labor-intensive fire at the same location. Two firefighters were hospitalized due to injuries sustained during the operation but were later discharged in good health. Additionally, in April, an explosion at ADM’s west plant resulted in injuries to three employees.