Former judge and his wife found dead at their home

GEORGETOWN, TX – A double homicide taking place within the quiet outskirts of Georgetown, Texas has law enforcement investigating and the community in shock. Seth B. Carnes, a 45-year-old man, is held accountable for the ruthless murder of his parents, former district Judge Burt Carnes and Susan Carnes, both aged 74.

Seth Carnes, who is now in police custody without bond, allegedly confessed to his violent deed to responding officers at the scene. The original 911 distress call was fielded at approximately 11:45 p.m. Monday night. By the time the officers arrived, suspect Carnes had exited the residence and shockingly admitted to the crime. Further investigation led police to the bodies of Burt and Susan Carnes within the residence.

Reports provided by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office suggest that the brutal incident was instigated by a domestic disagreement that escalated into a fatal confrontation. However, the investigators assured the public that there are no immediate safety concerns related to this case, indicating that Seth Carnes is the sole suspect involved.

The murder of the Carnes pair has generated considerable upset in the town, considering Burt Carnes’ respected reputation as a retired District Judge. Prior to his legal appointment, Carnes was part of a family deeply involved in law enforcement, with his father serving as an FBI agent and various family members holding positions as a Texas Ranger, a Border Patrol agent, and a Wilson County Sheriff.

In remembering Burt Carnes, Texas representative John Carter praised the judge’s dedication and contribution to his professional role as always “hardworking” and “fair”. Carter emphasized that Carnes’ legal expertise was always trusted.