Former Trump Translator Speaks out Against Biden

( – The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees its citizens the right to free speech and to associate with people and groups as you see fit. The Liberals, in general, and the administration under President Joe Biden, in specific, seem to have missed the memo.

Heather Mewshaw works as an American Sign Language (ASL) translator for the deaf. She was the first interpreter chosen and was translating Press Secretary Jen Psaki when they announced all briefings would now have the service.

She believes everybody has a right to have access to the causes they may believe in and appeared in videos translating former-President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and one that supported the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. However, work on these abhorrent (as viewed by the Democrats) topics has found her a victim of the cancel culture and a target of their hate-filled rhetoric.

After her support of Donald Trump and her work in conservative groups came to light, she’s failed to receive another invitation to work for the Biden Administration. Where’s the unity now?

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