Gunmen Kill 7 Victims After Being Laughed at for Losing a Game of Pool

Gunmen killed seven victims, including a 12-year-old girl, in a Brazilian pool hall on Tuesday.
The attackers had lost two games consecutively at a pool hall in Sinop City, in the state of Mato Grosso. The crowd laughed at their defeat, according to Newsflash.

However, this laughter provoked a violent response.

The gruesome scene was captured on video. It shows the men lining up their victims against the wall at gunpoint while one of them grabs a shotgun from a pickup truck.

The footage shows one of the men approaching the victims with a pump-action shotgun. He began shooting his targets one by one while his partner joins in with a handgun.

Six people died instantly, and the seventh victim was pronounced dead later. The killers stole small amounts of cash and a woman’s purse before leaving the scene of the massacre.

The attackers, identified as Edgar Ricardo de Oliveira, 30, and Ezequias Souza Ribeiro, 27, reportedly lost money game of pool prior to the deadly rampage.

Police Lt. Romening dos Santos Silva said that the gunmen are still at large.