Is Biden in Trouble With Young People?

( – For decades, the Baby Boomers have dominated the political scene, and continue to try to do so even as they age. However, a rising generation of young people who are more progressive, socialist, and diverse are creating a generational gap. Those who are under 35 years of age barely remember Bill Clinton, and for those in their early 20s, they have no recollection at all. Additionally, both Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris have disparaged young people.

While Biden may believe he’s not in danger of losing young voters to Trump, he does risk it because they don’t care. They’re not enthusiastic about a 77-year-old, who if elected, would be the oldest person ever to take the office of president. The former vice president comes from a very different era, with issues that most in their 20s and 30s today don’t identify with. Additionally, 59% of non-whites are under 38 years old. That also means Democrats could lose out on a growing and essential changing demographic.

For those who tuned into the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this week, there were few young people on display. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) only got one minute. Otherwise, they got a good dose of the old-school politicians. If this election is about turnout, and it is, Biden is at risk of losing because young people, once again, don’t turn out to vote. If they don’t start identifying with them soon, young people may get lured in by the Republican Party, who’s actively trying to reach them.

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