Joe Biden Caught Laughing at Americans Who are Struggling for Food, Gas, and Rent

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President Joe Biden has been slammed online for laughing at Americans “barely scraping by” when he reacted to Trevor Noah’s joke about the cost of living at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Noah joked at Joe Biden, “Since you’ve come into the office, things are really looking up!  Gas is up; rent is up, food is up, everything.  No, it really has been a tough first year for you, mister President.”  Biden and the crowd broadly laughed at this joke, poking fun at the current 40-year-high inflation that is crushing many Americans with increasing prices on all necessities of life.

Biden also remarked he had the only Americans at the dinner with a lower approval rating than he had; the President must keep ‘great’ company.  Considering Biden admitted he has the lowest approval rating of any sitting President in American history and still laughed it off, we can not expect the wishes of average Americans to be met with this President. Biden also said he is happy for Brandon Brown, the key figure from the Let’s Go Brandon movement, code for “F–k Joe Biden.”

The American people believe inflation is the most critical issue facing the economy and the country, and they don’t think anyone in the Biden Administration is paying attention to it.  This is a leading reason why Americans disapprove of Joe Biden and his performance as POTUS.  We have enjoyed decades of low inflation and stable prices. The average American bank account and spending habits are not ready for rapid inflation and the woes of price uncertainties.  Currently, only 33% of Americans believe Biden and Democrats are focusing on the issues they care about most.  Laughing at this phenomenon is on par with rubbing salt into a deep wound.

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