Journalist shot and killed at his home

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A prominent journalist and activist, Josh Kruger, was tragically killed in his home in Philadelphia’s Point Breeze neighborhood early Monday, according to local law enforcement. The fatal incident occurred just before 1:30 a.m. on Watkins Street. Kruger, 39, was reportedly shot seven times and later passed away from his injuries at a nearby hospital.

Authorities have yet to apprehend any suspects, and no firearms were discovered at the scene. Jaz Brown, a neighbor, recounted the harrowing moments of hearing the gunshots and Kruger’s cries for help. She immediately contacted the police upon hearing the commotion.

Kruger, who had previously battled homelessness and addiction, had spent five years working in city government. His roles included managing Mayor Jim Kenney’s social media and serving as the communications director for the city’s Office of Homeless Services. In 2021, he left his government position to return to journalism, contributing to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia City Paper, and other outlets.

Mayor Kenney expressed his shock and sorrow over Kruger’s death, praising his deep care for the city and its residents. Kruger’s dedication was evident in his public service and writing, Kenney said.

Kruger, who described himself as a cat lover and non-driver on his website, was remembered by Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner as someone who deserved to write his own life’s ending. Krasner praised Kruger for his work uplifting the most vulnerable and stigmatized individuals in the community, particularly those struggling with homelessness and addiction.