Man accused of fatally shooting fake parking attendant over $40 scam while on a date

A Texas man is now faces charges of murder after he allegedly shot and killed a man while he was on a date. The victim of the shooting reportedly posed as a parking attendant and scammed him out of money.

The incident occurred in Houston when 29-year-old Erick Aguirre and his date parked their car for a dinner engagement. Court documents reveal that Elliot Nix, 46, approached the couple and claimed to be a parking attendant. He requested $40 for the parking fee. Aguirre paid the amount, and the couple proceeded to enter a nearby restaurant.

While inside, a waiter informed them that Nix was known for scamming people out of parking fees.

Witnesses from a neighboring smoke shop reported that Aguirre then ran back to his car, retrieved a pistol, and pursued Nix before shooting him. Nix later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital.

Legal analyst Brian Wice commented on the case, stating that Texas law, like that of 49 other states and many other countries, does not justify using lethal force in response to being swindled.

Aguirre reportedly returned the firearm to his vehicle and went back to the restaurant, with his date remaining unaware of the incident until police released a photo of the couple the next day. Aguirre’s date’s attorney, Rick Detoto, explained that while she knew Aguirre was upset and had confronted the alleged scammer, they continued with their dinner plans and left the restaurant afterward.

Within 24 hours, police received tips about the couple in connection with the shooting. Detoto said that his client wanted to do the right thing by coming forward and cooperating with the police.

Authorities arrested the shooter and transported him back to Harris County. Prosecutors intend to request that Aguirre be held without bond due to his previous conviction for a violent felony.