Man Critically Injured After Being Thrown from Carjacked SUV

Shocking surveillance videos captured the moment Tauree Thompson, a 28-year-old man, was hurled from the roof of his stolen Lexus in South Richmond Hill, Queens on Monday night.

The speeding vehicle lost control, crashed into a fire hydrant, and flipped over, throwing Thompson into the air. He landed motionless on the sidewalk, suffering from multiple skull fractures.

In the video, Thompson is seen desperately hanging onto the roof of the SUV as the car thieves race away. Three people were involved in the carjacking, and two of them, both 15-year-old boys, were arrested on Tuesday, while one suspect remains on the loose.

The vehicle was speeding at approximately 80 mph when it hit the fire hydrant, according to a local resident. The impact was so strong that it shot the fire hydrant through a fence and into a nearby yard. Thompson flew approximately 60 feet before bouncing and sliding on his face.

Thompson was standing outside the car, which he left running, when the carjackers jumped in. He grabbed onto the roof rack as they sped off. Bystanders rushed to his aid after the incident, and Thompson was transported to Jamaica Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Balram Muneshwar, who lives in the area, installed the surveillance cameras that captured the incident. He noted that the crash occurred because of the frequent car accidents in the neighborhood.

The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information about the carjacking is urged to contact the police.