Man pleads guilty to chopping up prostitute girlfriend’s body in gruesome murder

BROOKLYN, New York- A Brooklyn man has confessed to the brutal murder of his girlfriend and the sex trafficking of eight women. Somorie Moses, 47, could face a life sentence for his heinous crimes.

Moses, who was previously convicted of negligent homicide and concealment of a human corpse, is now facing more severe charges. His past conviction was related to the same case, the murder of his girlfriend, Leondra Foster, in 2017. Despite being acquitted of murder at the time, Moses served a prison sentence of four to eight years and was due for parole in May 2022. However, his freedom was short-lived as he was rearrested on a new charge: murder in the course of sex trafficking.

According to prosecutors, Moses not only murdered Foster, who was 32 and one of his sex trafficking victims, but also dismembered her body in their shared Brooklyn apartment. Days later, he disposed of her torso and limbs at a Bronx sanitation site. Disturbingly, Foster’s head, hands, and feet were discovered in Moses’ freezer, with one foot bearing a tattoo of his name.

Moses’ criminal activities date back to 2003, when he began forcing women and girls into the sex trade. He used a combination of threats, violence, and manipulation to maintain control over his victims. He would often deceive the women into believing he loved them, even promising marriage, before forcing them into prostitution. It was also common for Moses to pressure his victims into tattooing his name on their bodies.

The extent of Moses’ cruelty is chilling. He is known to have physically and sexually abused his victims, using fear and violence to force them into sex work. One woman was reportedly tasered for refusing to become a call girl, while another was threatened with a shotgun, her life and her child’s life hanging in the balance. In one particularly gruesome incident, Moses slashed a victim with a razor blade and poured lemon juice on her wounds, leaving her permanently scarred.

Moses’ sentencing is scheduled for January 8 in Brooklyn federal court. His defense team has yet to comment on the case.