Missing man’s body found in a chimney

NORFOLK, NE – A month-long mystery surrounding mysterious cries for help ended tragically when a disturbing discovery was made. The body of Zachariah Andrews, a 29-year-old man with a prior arrest warrant, was found inside a chimney in Norfolk, Nebraska. The grim realization took place on October 19 when a maintenance worker responded to a foul odor emanating from an apartment building’s chimney and noticed human shoes dangling from the shaft.

Andrews had last been seen alive on September 15, but his disappearance was only reported 19 days later. On the day after he was last seen, a resident inside the apartment building alerted the police, reporting hearing distressing cries for help. Despite a prompt police response, the strange screams had ceased, and no source was identified.

Officially reported as missing on October 3, the same day the Madison County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for his arrest on seven counts of violating a protection order, Andrews had a troubled history. He had repeatedly posted on his Facebook page in recent months, attempting to reach an unnamed woman, with some friends advising him to let go.

In 2018, Andrews faced charges for allegedly trying to entice a 12-year-old girl through a Facebook conversation. He was also charged with resisting arrest for assaulting another man in April of the following year.

While missing, a parking warning was placed on Andrews’ car, which was parked in front of the apartment building where he was ultimately found deceased. Authorities believe his death was accidental, but investigations are ongoing.