Mom shot in front of her kids in road rage incident

DETROIT, MI – A suspected road rage incident on Wednesday morning in Detroit that resulted in a mother being shot is being investigated. The incident occurred on I-94 and Moross Road and involved two female drivers. The woman who was shot had her three children in the car, all under the age of 10.

According to Detroit Deputy Chief Arnold Williams, the apparent cause of the incident was one driver refusing to stop at a stop sign. This led to a verbal altercation, after which shots were fired at the other vehicle.

“It was for nothing more than you were mad,” said Deputy Chief Williams. “Not only was it sad that you fired a shot to begin with, but you risked the lives of three children when you did that.”

The mother, who sustained non-life-threatening injuries, is currently in stable condition. The children were unharmed.

The shooter, described as a black woman driving a black Kia, hasn’t been apprehended as of now. Deputy Chief Williams emphasized their determination to find and apprehend her.

With warmer weather potentially inducing more aggressive behavior on the roads, Deputy Chief Williams advised drivers to maintain their calm. If faced with harassment, the deputy suggested either getting out of the antagonist’s way or reporting to the police.

Detroit Police are appealing to the public for any information or tips related to the shooting through the Detroit Rewards.